Blanca is a model subjected to the body fascism culture of society and her profession.

One day she is diagnosed with a strange illness that will render her invisible and she’ll have to learn to interact with people without using her beauty. She’ll have to adopt a new way of life, in the darkness and especially a way to live with herself.

The only witness to this transformation is a detective, killed in the line of duty, who observes her from the beyond. But, suddenly the writer’s wife appears, breaking the plot of the novel. Who can believe the story of a model who turns invisible? Who still believes in fiction?


I died a month ago. And I will remain dead for the rest of my days, because that is the way things are up here. I am a ghost. I guess you’ve never seen one, but have a rough idea of what they do. Yes: move objects, walk through walls, fly and watch without being seen . I understand that my circumstances may arouse some envy, but don’t go thinking it’s that easy. Firstly, you have to die, and you may say that anyone can do that, but then comes the most difficult bit: you have to build up some confidence. Not everyone gets there ready to start flying like there is nothing to it.


“Ada Castells proposes a funny, critical, sarcastic and agile narrative that will hook you with its multiple winks .” Luis Pena, El Pais

“The protagonist of Ada Castells’ novel has to take on a new challenge: to learn to live with herself.” Maica Lopez, Barcelona y mas.

“Ada Castells provides us with an excellent opportunity to put aside the belief that only what is true or plausible can help us to understand reality” Gisela Benet Pijoan, Revista Urbliscens

“Seldom, like in the pages Ada Castells writes, I’ve seen young authors reproduce so accurately the greatness and miseries of everyday life, the tenderness and the grotesque that surround us.” Joan Josep Puig. Diari Avui

“In this story there is a mixture of great literary themes: ‘The Invisible Man’, ‘The Oval Portrait’ (the art work that suppresses the model) and even ‘Lanark’, Alasdair Gray’s novel that starts the character’s metamorphosis with a skin complaint.” Julia Guillamont, La Vanguardia

“Ada Castells confronts a topic of our times: ‘ Body Fascism’ with a style and depth that are not the fruits of a single day” Rita Puig, La biblioteca virtual.

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