At 17 I was highly politicized and I liked to write, so I chose a degree in Media Studies so I could change the world. Obviously I couldn’t, but it is a profession that, to this day, has helped me to see many different realities, to reaffirm the idea that there isn’t only one truth and to put food on my table. I started working for ‘Carrer Gran’ magazine in Barcelona, a feisty publication that was a whole school of journalism. Everything I didn’t learn in University, I had to learn there. In 1991 I started in the Avui newspaper to cover a maternity leave and they kept me there for 20 years. Along the way I collaborated with Catalunya Ràdio, BTV, the magazines ‘ Qué Leer’ , ‘Cosmopolitan’ and ‘National
Gepgraphic’ and I founded and ran a publication for a cooperative. Since 2010 I have been freelance and I
write weekly articles for La Vanguardia, Time Out and Avui. Here I’ve uploaded some of my work.

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