The Angel’s finger


A young chef meets a literary agent at a business dinner and, at his insistence, she decides to write her first novel. It all starts when she is looking for the first sentence of her story while having an unfortunate sexual encounter with the agent, on all fours, naked, in the hall of his modernist apartment. At least, she thinks, she’s got the subject of her novel: the story of a protestant family not dissimilar to her own.

As she learns more about her ancestors, she discovers that a lot has been lost along the way. They had something that kept them together, a faith worth fighting for. She leads an empty life, she’s ambitious and plagued by self doubt. She has an eccentric mother whom she doesn’t understand, a solitary father, a brother in law who is the leader of a cult, and a boyfriend she doesn’t love.
Past and present are intertwined in a frenetic rhythm. Lyricism and sarcasm, tenderness and acid humour, compete against each other in this caricature of a community little known in Catalan society.


A few minutes ago I confirmed the interest the agent has in me. I am naked in a flat in Majorca Street, his. To be more precise, I am doggy style, on all fours, on a quite well preserved mosaic of geometric shapes. How did he manage to resist the parquet invasion? It’s not important . I am in the only possible position where I don’t have to see his bulging eyes. My face focused on the floor, arse pointing to the sky.
While he is moving in and out of my body, I am trying to use my time in something better than counting the number of pebbles that make up a tile. And , making the best of my time, since the agent has urged me to write, means doing something about my future book. Yes, I”m going to write a novel. About myself. I know it’s not an easy task, but I am sure I won’t be the first chef who tries.


“A first novel that I enjoyed enormously, full of talent and with a great sense of humour very much suited to Anagrama. It’s ‘The Angel’s Finger’ by Ada Castells.” Jordi Herralde, Editor, Anagrama.

“‘The Angel’s Finger’ makes the reader believe that he who writes tells the truth. And she does it with a sense of humour that nevertheless doesn’t quite hide a solid tenderness.” Nathalie Bittoun-Debruyne, Revista Transversal

“Ada Castells, a name to add to the list of authors with something to say and the skill to do it.”
Care Santos, El Cultural.

“Regarding literary themes (Writing and the social world surrounding literature) in ‘The Angel’s Finger’ are often embroidered with the most delicious absurdities”Ana Rodriguez Fischer, ABC Cultural

“How to talk about oneself and others without betrayal or falseness? How to define a religious conviction without compromising both letter and purpose? The answer’s in the book” Anna M. Gil, La Vanguardia

” ‘The Angel’s Finger’ is a clever mix of historical reportage, family saga and ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’ where the predominant tone is irreverent and casual”

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