Do you think the same as the main character of you story, that writing is stripping off?
Yes, in a way you can understand it as stripping off but it’s a kind of nudity that you can choose in advance – you can show more or less. Writing is a kind of internal striptease.

Is your sense of humour as good as Miranda’s?
Humour is an escape valve, a way of understanding the world and understanding yourself. It saves us from becoming sad,  arrogant and ignorant.

In your first novel The Angel’s Finger, there was more sex than love; in Mirada is there more love than sex. Are you becoming more romantic with age?
Although I try to hide it I have always been romantic. I wanted to write a love story that wasn’t naff. In the next one I want to search a little bit deeper into the relations of couples and how love is often not enough. After the final kiss and The End, what the hell happens?

Taken from interviews in El Diario Vasco, El Heraldo de Aragón and Presència

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