Literary Biography

curs corona

At age 27, I published the first novel, The Finger of the Angel, a realistic fiction about my Protestant ancestors. Then came Mirada, a novel against the dictatorship of the image, and, four years later, All Life, a blatantly novelized biography of the painter C. D. Friedrich. Pure Sang, is set in Menorca and Barcelona, [...]

Nou curs d’escriptura a l’Ateneu

mirall curs

“Conèix-te a través de l’escriptura” és un curs de 20 hores pensat per reforçar la capacitat expressiva i aprendre a saber més sobre com som.

A different kind of communication

Sometimes you hear cries of alarm that the Internet is isolating us and turning us into non-trusting, solitary individuals who might experience serious misanthropy at any time. On TV we see reports of adolescents who have not left their bedrooms in years because they are addicted to computers. Suffice it to say that the parents [...]

Second Class Europeans

Ikea is the base identity for Europe because its must-have objects bring us together with the French, Italians, Germans and Greeks. They too have fallen for the glasses that looked as if they would stack, and they have bought models that didn’t fit and gone mad tryong to fit together that TV table from a [...]

‘Quijote Mothers’

There’s not much time to think about the definition of the ‘Quijote mothers’. In fact, that would be an activity reserved for those with free time who can afford themselves the luxury of having ideas and even writing them down. We, however, are condemned to daily life and ideas, if they ever occur to us, [...]

Holiday Special

If you are unlucky enough to be in the city these days, the best thing you can do is to go to the cinema. Remember, though, that the film might be a rave. During the summer programme, when the levels of stupidity are at their height, its easy to find Americanised adolsescent dross which might [...]