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curs corona

At age 27, I published the first novel, The Finger of the Angel, a realistic fiction about my Protestant ancestors. Then came Mirada, a novel against the dictatorship of the image, and, four years later, All Life, a blatantly novelized biography of the painter C. D. Friedrich. Pure Sang, is set in Menorca and Barcelona, [...]

Pura sang


Sant Joan  Narrative Award , Edicions 62, 2012     Read more



“Ada Castells believes in the things that count”, El País Synopsis ‘A Lifetime’ tells a love story which pits romanticism against the contradictions and chasms of our times. Ada Castells offers us a personal vision of the life of Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich and proposes a fluid and accurate counterpoint between melancholy and scepticism. [...]



Who can believe the story of a model who turns invisible? Who still believes in fiction? Synopsis Blanca is a model subjected to the body fascism culture of society and her profession. One day she is diagnosed with a strange illness that will render her invisible and she’ll have to learn to interact with people [...]



Lyricism and sarcasm, tenderness and acid humour, compete against each other in this caricature of a community little known in Catalan society. Synopsis A young chef meets a literary agent at a business dinner and, at his insistence, she decides to write her first novel. It all starts when she is looking for the first [...]